[April 2nd] MIA Updates

Thank you:

The MIA EC would like to thank the Events Committee and all the volunteers for organizing the March 24th dinner. We also like to thank all other Muslim organizations for coming together and arranging this common event. This event is a reflection of the team spirit and organizational coordination between all of our local Muslim organizations. Please see some photos from the event at www.miaonline.org or on MIA’s Facebook page.


The MIA EC would like to congratulate the Winnipeg Central Mosque board and volunteers on their new website and the renovation work they did in the mosque. The MIA EC values the great contributions of the WCM to our community and confirms its commitment to work together with its board to further advance the cause of Islam and Muslims.

2011 Financial reports:

The MIA’s audited financial reports for the year ending September 2011 are finalized and will be posted on MIA website. The MIA’s statement of operations for 2011 show a net loss and significant reduction in MIA’s revenues.

Please find above a graphical summary comparative presentation of MIA’s financial performance over the last 3 years. Please note the 2011 statement only reflects MIA’s financial positions as of September 2011.

April 06 lecture night:


On April 06, the MIA Events Committee is pleased to arrange a special lecture night with a guest speaker from Toronto, Shaykh Zahir Bacchus. The program will begin at 7:00 pm at the Waverley Grand Mosque.  The main speech will be: The moral fabrics of a healthy individual, family and community. Shaykh Zahir will also deliver Jumma Khuttba at Waverly. Below is Shaykh Zahir’s bio:

Shaykh Zahir was raised in Toronto and completed his studies at the University of Tor onto. Upon graduation in 1996 he left for Amman, Jordan to study Arabic. The following year he enrolled in the Arabic program at the University of Damascus and it is in Damascus that he would spend the next six years of uninterrupted study. In Damascus, Shaykh Zahir had the blessing of meeting and sitting in the company of some of the premier scholars of Damascus, learning Hanafi fiqh, aqida, mantiq (logic), usul, (critical intellectualism), hadith, and tafsir. Shaykh Zahir is a co-founder/director of the Lote Tree Foundation (an educational initiative). He is also the director of professional development at Razi Inc., a company he co-founded that develops specialized curriculum and professional programs to suit the needs of society.

Bake Sale:

On April 06, after Jumma prayer, a major bake sale will be held. All funds collected will be used to cover the operational costs of the MIA.

Pledge forms:

We urge you again to make a monthly pledge in support of your mosque and your community projects. Please complete the attached schedule and hand it to any MIA EC member. Thanks.

Monthly Pledge Form (click to download)

Job Posting – Care taker

MIA Executive Council would like to remind you to encourage suitable candidates you may know to apply for the MIA caretaker position.

Job Posting Announcement (click to download)