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Friday prayers are held in both mosques. The khutbah starts at 12:50 pm (1:50 pm when daylight savings time is in effect) and the prayer starts 20 minutes after the khutbah.

The khutba is delivered by the MIA prayer leaders and volunteers from the community. A schedule of Friday khateebs is provided below and will be updated quarterly.

You can provide feedback on the sermons to the khutba committee and khateebs directly using the form below.

Waverley Mosque

Day Khateeb
21-December-2018 Ismael Mukhtar
28-December-2018 Abdullatif Haresha
4-January-2019 Idris Elbakri
11-January-2019 Zain Masood
18-January-2019 Idris Elbakri
25-January-2019 Khaled Al-Nahar
1-February-2019 Muaaz Jutt
8-February-2019 Idris Elbakri
15-February-2019 Muhiedin Omar
22-February-2019 Idris Elbakri
1-March-2019 Zain Masood
8-March-2019 Guest Speaker
15-March-2019 Idris Elbakri
22-March-2019 Abdullatif Haresha
29-March-2019 Khaled Al-Nahar
5-April-2019  Nafaba Gassama
12-April-2019 Idris Elbakri
19-April-2019 Ismael Mukhtar
26-April-2019 Zain Masood

Pioneer Mosque

Day Khateeb
21-December-2018 Yousuf Bezzahou
28-December-2018 Abdallah Haida
4-January-2019 Abdullatif Haresha
11-January-2019 Abdullatif Haresha
18-January-2019 Cheikh Moulaye
25-January-2019 Abdallah Haida
1-February-2019 Abdullatif Haresha
8-February-2019 Muaaz Jutt
15-February-2019 Yousuf Bezzahou
22-February-2019 Abdallah Haida
1-March-2019 Abdullatif Haresha
8-March-2019 Cheikh Moulaye
15-March-2019 Sadiq Almiski
22-March-2019 Muaaz Jutt
29-March-2019 Abdallah Haida
12-April-2019 Cheikh Moulaye
19-April-2019 Yousuf Bezzahou
26-April-2019  Abdallah Haida

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