Jam’ held Thursday, March 26 Due to Weather

Jam’ to be held this Thursday night, March 26 at the Hazelwood and Grand Masjid.

Due to the weather condition Maghrib and Isha prayer will be held together at Maghrib time at Hazelwood and Grand Masjid.

We will call the athaan for Maghrib, than call the iqama and pray Maghrib. Following Magrib prayer we will call iqama and pray Isha prayer.

The purpose of this jam’ (holding tow prayers at the time of one prayer) is to avoid the hardship of coming two times to the Masjid.

Please note
(1) witr should be prayed on its actual time (after Isha actual time)
(2) if you are praying at home you have to pray each prayer on its actual time

Sh. Hosni Azzabi