[Jan 4th] MIA EC Update

MIA Fitness Room:

Where: Winnipeg Grand Mosque (2445 Waverely)
More Info: Click here

The fitness room at the Waverly mosque is now open. Please find attached fitness room membership form. Annual membership fee is $50.00 per person. The fitness room is available for brothers on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday; for sisters it is available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The access cards given to members will work on the designated days only.

Photos of fitness room:

Contact Info: To register please call Sr. Noha, Office Manager, at (204) 256-1347 or e-mail her at: office@miaonline.org


MIA’s List of Tentative Events for 2013

The MIA EC is planning to make the 2013 another great year; full of value added events and activities for the community. Please find below a list of some tentative events for 2013. This list doesn’t include other regular programs, workshops, ad-hoc events or other events organized by other organizations. More details will be provided as the events come close.
For all businesses, individuals, institutions willing to sponsor any of these events, please contact MIA Office Manager.

Contact Info: please contact call (204) 256-1347 or e-mail: office@miaonline.org