[Jan 5 MIA Updates]

  • Organization Structure
  • Takaful Fund
  • Booking an Event
  • Waverley Land Expropriation
  • Tax Receipts
  • Donations
  • New Administrative Assistant

1. Organizational Structure

The MIA Executive Council has developed an executive structure to improve its functionality and serve the community better.  Each EC member will be responsible for a portfolio and each portfolio can have several committees reporting to the designated EC member in charge.

Please direct your inquiries or concerns to the appropriate EC member.
*Shared duty with 2nd VP

2. Takaful Fund

The Takaful Fund Committee has been re-established with the following members:

  • Khalid Al-Nahar (chair)
  • Bahaeldine Elzayat
  • Tariq Rana (Treasurer)
  • Sophia Ali (Secretary)
  • Laurie Crossman
  • Kashif Hayat

The committee will report to Dr. Tariq Mian, Director of Social Assistance and Fundraising.

Currently, the Takaful Fund is experiencing high demands for financial assistance and is in need of funding.  As a result, the Takaful Fund may not be able to process all applications for assistance until sufficient funds are available.

We urge all members of the community to donate to the Takaful Fund by writing a cheque payable to the Manitoba Islamic Association.  Please indicate on the cheque if the donation is Zakat or general charity.

3. Booking an Event

We have established an online facility booking system to make bookings at the Waverly and Hazelwood centres easier.  An annual calendar has been established to guide you to the available days for booking.  Please visit www.miaonline.org/services to read the facility usage policy and the booking procedures.  To book in person, call the Admin Assistant at 256-1347.

All events, ongoing or ad hoc, must to be booked in priority. 

4. Waverley Land Expropriation

The City of Winnipeg has expropriated some of a land from the Waverly centre as part of its Waverly Street expansion project. The City has been negotiating with MIA Trustees since 2008 and has valued the expropriated land at $60,000.  However the opinion of the MIA EC is that the City’s valuation is undervalued.  We are negotiating with the City in earnest to settle this matter and hope to receive a better valuation for the expropriated land. 

5. Tax Receipts

Tax receipts for donations made in 2011 will be mailed out before the end of January.  If you have not received your please contact the Admin Assistant at the Waverly centre. 

Going forward, MIA plans to issue Tax Receipts after funds from donations have successfully cleared. 

6. Donations

Please donate generously to help MIA run its operations and programs effectively.  You can donate securely on line, by going to miaonline.org and clicking on on the “Donate Now” (shown below) button on the right hand corner of the website.  Tax receipts for online donations will be issued online by CanadaHelps.org. 

You may also send a cheque payable to the Manitoba Islamic Association to the following address:

Manitoba Islamic Association
Attention: MIA Treasurer
47 Hazelwood Avenue
Winnipeg MB R2M 4W1

You can donate in person at the Waverly Centre or Hazelwood Centre during Friday Prayers. 

We thank you for your generous support and may the Almighty bless you.

7. New Administrative Assistant

Mubarak Nsekarije is the new MIA Admin Assistant.  Mubarak will be working part-time at both Waverly and Hazelwood Centres.  He can be contacted at mubarak.nsekarije@miaonline.org or at 256-1347.