Job Offer: Muslim Chaplain

We are seeking applicants from qualified Muslim candidates for the position of a Muslim chaplain. We would like to offer you a part time employment as community liaison to Correctional Services Manitoba. You will be working 20 hrs a week. 
Application Deadline: September 28, 2009 
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  • To provide community liaison to Correctional Services Manitoba including Winnipeg Remand Centre and Headingly correctional Institutions.  
  • To become familiar and knowledgeable with the ‘memorandum of understanding between the interfaith committee on chaplaincy and the correctional services of Canada’.
  • Provide spiritual care to inmates and practical counseling at correctional institutions- Manitoba. 
  • Design and implement educational programs relevant to the correctional milieu 
  • Develop trusting relationship and empathy in counseling with inmates, families, and staff. 
  • Design programs to help Muslim inmates successfully integrate into society after leaving correctional institutions. 
  • Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer activities. 
  • Work effectively in collaboration with other faith groups within a multi-faith setting. 
  • Plan and organize programs for special Islamic events, for example Ramadan and Eids. 
  • To be well informed on different Shariah matters and consult with the Imam of the community on relevant issues if and when needed. 
  • Administer a program through record keeping and program reports
  • Must be a practicing Muslim.
  • Canadian citizen, landed immigrant, or legally eligible to work in Canada.
  • Islamic studies from a recognized Islamic institution or equivalent training and knowledge of Shariah.
  • Memorization of Quran (full or partial) would be an asset.
  • Experience in providing Islamic services and Dawah work.
  • Strong command of English language and knowledge of other languages would be an asset.
  • Strong communication skills and conflict resolution skills as well as ability to relate to Muslims from different backgrounds. 
  • Eligible for security screening and clearance as it relates to Corrections Manitoba. 
We trust the above is satisfactory, and look forward to working with you. Please submit application to Imam Sheikh Hosni or via MIA or ISSA, or email to:
Application Deadline: September 28, 2009