[June 26th] MIA EC Updates

Worthy Sponsorships During Ramadan:

a)    Free suhoor: During the last 10 nights of Ramadan, some members of the community prefer to spend the night praying in the masjid. To make it easy for those who stay, free suhoor will be provided. If you would like to be a sponsor of the suhoor for certain # of nights or the whole 10 nights, please contact: osaed.khan@miaonline.org for more details.

b)    Quran competition: to encourage the youth to memorize Quran and perfect their recitation, a Quran recitation competition will be organized during Ramadan. Depending on funds collected, awards will range from $100 – $500. If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact: osaed.khan@miaonline.org
All donations will receive tax deductible receipts.


Pre-Ramadan Bake Sale:
The MIA Fundraising Committee is pleased to announce the holding of the annual Pre-Ramadan fund raising bake sale on Sunday, July 08 at the Waverly mosque 2:00 pm (after Dhuhr salat). Different food items from variety of cultures will be available for sale. All proceeds of the fundraising will be used for covering mosque operational costs. We encourage you all to come and enjoy the event and make the event successful.
For more information, please contact Dr. Tareq Mian, EC member & Director of Fundraising & social assistance, at tariq.mian@miaonline.org

Tentative Ramadan Dates:
Ramadan is expected to begin on Friday, July the 20th , depending on confirmed moon sighting. The criteria followed in Winnipeg is based on the fiqh opinion of “Ittihad Al-Matalie” (إتحاد المطالع), which simply states that any moon sighting -locally or elsewhere- should be accepted. This, provided, the moon sighting is in line with indisputable astronomical data of visibility.
Once the exact date is confirmed an e-mail announcement will be sent to all community members and it will be posted on MIA & WCM websites as well.
Note: Detailed Ramadan programs and schedules are being prepared and will be published soon.

Ramadan Workshop:
In preparation for Ramadan, a comprehensive workshop will be held under the direction of Sheikh Hamid Slimi. Sh. Slimi is a leading scholar of Islam, living in Toronto and is Chairman of the Canadian Council of Imams (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamid_Slimi) . The program of Sh. Slimi will be as follows:

Friday, July 06: A Community lecture night at the Waverley mosque beginning at 7:00 pm. Refreshments will be served, as well, day care will be provided.

Saturday, July 07: A comprehensive Ramadan workshop (everything you want to know: fiqh rules, inner dimensions of fasting, maximizing the benefits of Ramadan, Q & A etc).
Time: 10:00 am – 1:30 pm at the Waverly mosque. Snacks will be provided as well as child care.
We encourage you all to attend and benefit.



Tax Receipts::
The MIA Tax receipt issuance system is now fully automated. We would like to thank the Information Technology (IT) committee for creating and establishing the new system. Going forward all tax receipts will be issued for every donation and mailed to donors as soon as the cheques are cleared through the bank.
The IT committee is made of the following brothers:
•    Aziz Sibae
•    Muhamad Ullah
•    Eyad Tobail
•    Hammad Afzal
•    Sajid Khan



Burial Plots:

The cost of the burial plot is currently 3570.00 (plot, bottomless vault, opening/closing and GST). It is going to increase by $840.00. The MIA is trying to hold a number of plots to the existing rate. We are encouraging you to purchase the plots through MIA. If you purchase a plot through MIA we will give you a proof of purchase. Once your second payment is made, you will also hold a title with Glenlawn directly. To make it easy for our member, you have the option to pay in two installments payable 50% now and 50% in 6 months. If you are interested, please contact Abdul Aziz @ Abdul.Aziz@miaonline.org

Volunteers for giving Khuttbas:

The Stony Mountain Institution has a number of Muslim prisoners who gather for Jumma prayers. The prison chaplain has contacted the MIA EC asking for volunteers to come to the prison and give khuttba and lead prayers. We are looking for volunteer khateebs, we will provide necessary directions. Please contact: osaed.khan@miaonline.org.


 MIA Scholarship

 Please see the following form for scholarship eligibility and how to apply.