[June 28th] MIA EC Update

Ramadan prayer schedule and information

Please find attached Ramadan related info and schedules:

  1. Ramadan prayer schedule
  2. Ramadan information kit

Note: when the date of Ramadan is confirmed an e-mail announcement will be sent and posted on the website.


Volunteers Needed for Hazelwood mosque mosque repairs

When: this Saturday and Sunday [June 29 and June 30] starting 9AM

What to bring: gloves for outdoor work

Volunteers are needed for outdoor construction for Hazelwood mosque. We are starting Saturday morning. Please bring your gloves and your friends.


Taraweeh prayer Imams

Sh. Hassan Al-Adawi has been approved by the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf to come to Winnipeg to help in leading taraweeh. He is waiting for entry visa from the Canadian Embassy in Cairo. Once he arrives, he will mostly lead taraweeh at the Grand Mosque and conduct some Quran classes.

Locally the main leads at the Grand Mosque will be Sheikh Atef Ibrahim and in the Hazelwood Mosque Sheikh Ala Ibrahim. Both will be assisted by other brothers.


[Jul 7th] MIA Ramadan fiqh workshop

When: Sunday, July 7th, 2013
Starting Time: 11:30 AM
Ending Time: 2:00 PM
Where: Winnipeg Grand Mosque (2445 Waverely)
Speaker/Instructor: Sheikh Atef Ibrahim, Dr. Nazir Khan and Sheikh Ismael Mukhtar

MIA will be holding a workshop on the fiqh of Ramadan. Here are the details


  • Fiqh rules of fasting (requirements, conditions, etiquettes, exemptions etc).
  • Spiritual and moral dimensions of Ramadan.
  • Medical advice on healthy fasting.


[Jul 7th] MIA Ramadan bake sale

When: Sunday, July 7th, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM (After Dhuhur)
Where: Winnipeg Grand Mosque (2445 Waverely)

The Annual Pre-Ramadan bake sale will be held on Sunday July 07 after Zuhr (2:00 PM) at the Waverly mosque.

A rich variety of food items and other materials will be available for sale. Some of the food items on sale can be frozen and used during Ramadan.

All proceeds will go to mosque operation. Please bring your friends and enjoy the food.


Maintenance work

The following maintenance works are under way, we apologize for any inconvenience:

  • Expansion of the gravel parking space at the Grand mosque.
  • Washroom replacement in Hazelwood Mosque.
  • Replacement of the entrance pavements of the Hazelwood Mosque

For more info on any of the above announcements contact:


(204) 256-1347