[May 26] Muslim Cultural Day

When: Sunday, May 26th, 2013,  between 3 and 7 PM
Where: Waverly mosque, 2445 Waverely

More Info: Click here
Contact Info: MIA 2nd VP, Louay Al-Ghoul, louay.alghoul@miaonline.org Or MIA secretary Osaed Khan: osaed.khan@miaonline.org

The 1st of its kind “Muslim Culture Day”. The purpose of this event is to create greater awareness of the rich and diverse cultural heritage of Muslims. Close to 15 cultural groups will be presenting variety of their cultural fine arts, dresses, food, unique traditional items etc.  

In addition, historical facts and civilizational contributions and materials on Islam will be presented.
This event is open to all community members as well as the public at large. We urge you to attend and invite your non Muslim friends to come and learn more about the Muslim heritage.