MIA Special Update

Resignation of MIA Treasurer: 

Br. Ahmed, the MIA treasurer, has resigned effective March 20th. Br. Ahmed had to leave the Province for a temporary work assignment. As a Treasurer, Ahmed took charge of the most challenging portfolio in the MIA Executive Council. He did a phenomenal job in getting MIA financial records in order and putting MIA back on a solid ground. With his leadership and great help from the Finance and Audit committee many outstanding issues has been resolved, effective Accounting systems established and important controls put in place. He was a valued member of the MIA EC team. We wish him all the best.   

In accordance to the MIA constitution, Article VI Section 7 (a), the EC has appointed Dr. Youssef Bezzahou as Treasurer, pending his confirmation in the next MIA General Body meeting, as required by the MIA constitution. Dr. Youssef Bezzahou is a professor at the St. Boniface University, he holds PHD in Finance, as well, he carries two accounting designations (CGA and CMA). He was also a member of the newly established MIA Finance and Audit Committee. We are happy to have Br. Youssef on our EC team. Br. Youssef can be reached at: Youssef.Bezzahou@miaonline.org
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Finance and Audit Committee for their phenomenal work in putting the records of the association in order. The amount of work required was huge and costly. Members of the Finance and Audit Committee, all of them professional accountants, spent countless hours of their time, free of charge, in providing valuable service to MIA and the community, we thank them and ask Allah reward them. With their help MIA is on the right track and moving solidly in the right direction.  The Finance and Audit committee will continue its voluntary role in assisting with accounting and auditing of MIA finances. The committee is made up of: 

  • Abdurahim Abduljabar, CGA
  • Saqib Rajput, CA
  • Dr. Youssef Bezzahou, CGA, CMA
  • Harun Kibridge, CA
  • Jamil Khan, Retired Accountant
  • Nazir Ahmed, Retired Accountant