MIA Sunday Quran Classes

The Sunday Quran classes will resume on Sunday September the 16th. Details of the program are as follows:

  • Date: Every Sunday
  • Time: 2 hours before Zuhr prayer
  • Location: Waverley Grand Mosque and Hazelwood Mosque
  • Levels:  3 levels (from Surah Al-Nas – to advanced Surahs)
  • Age:  5 years and up
  • Focus:  Proper recitation and memorization
  • Additional:  Special “Hafiz” program for advanced levels.
  • Instructors:  Atef Ibrahim, Ala Ibrahim, El-Mehdi, Badri and others
  • Annual fees:  $20.00/child (payable to MIA).

Click here for registration form [PDF format] or [Word format]

Please submit the form to : MIA Office Manager or Sh. Atef Ibrahim or Dr. Sadek Shudaifat. Or e-mail to: office@miaonline.org

Note: each student will be assesed and assigned to the group they fit best