Al Fajr Quran Institute
The Most Beneficent (Allah)! Has taught (you mankind) the Qur’an (by His Mercy).
– Holy Quran, Ar-Rahman, Verse 1-2.

Al Fajr Quran Institute is a program aimed at helping families make the Quran an essential part of their lives.

Al Fajr offers a weekly recitation and memorization program for children aged 5 and up. The program takes place every Sunday two hours before Zuhr prayer. Several levels are available. The program is lead by the MIA prayer leaders and a core of dedicated volunteer teachers.

Al Fajr also offers an intensive “Hafiz” (memorization) program for more advanced students and adults. Students can graduate with memorization of the complete Quran in 5 years.

For more information or to register, please contact the MIA office ( New applicants must go through an assessment of their level prior to enrollment.

Classes will start insha’Allah September 18, 2016

2 Programs are available:

Children’s Quran Program:
Sundays only

  • $100 per year per child – max of $300
  • 10% discount for MIA members

Children’s Quran Memorization Program:
Mon – Fri or 3 days a week

  • $100 per month for daily or $60 per month for 3 days a week
  • 10% discount for MIA members