[Sep 26th] MIA EC Update

MIA Land Expropriation: decision time!

Approximately 0.48 acres of MIA’s land on Waverley were expropriated by the City of Winnipeg in January 2010 to expand the road. The City offered $41,700 for the expropriated land. MIA did not agree and filed an appeal, following which the offer was increased to $60,000. Recently, following a long appeal process, the Land Appraisal Commission increased the offer to $100,000.

MIA can appeal the decision or accept the ruling. MIA EC needs to make a decision soon. We are seeking your input on this matter. Please read this document and let us know the option you prefer. If you have more questions, please contact us at: office@miaonline.org


Renovation updates

  1. Water fountain has been installed at the Northern entrance of the Grand Mosque gym. This will make drinking water easily available.
  1. The renovation of the Hazelwood mosque wash room has been mostly completed. Both men’s and Women’s washroom were in dire need of upgrade. A completely overhaul was done and both washrooms were given a new and better look. 

Thanks to all the volunteers and donors. These renovations were necessary, but costly. We kindly ask you to contribute and donate generously.


New MIA Secretary

In accordance to MIA’s By Laws (Part III, Section 4), Dr. Khaled Al-Taweel has been selected as MIA secretary in replacement of Br. Osaed Khan. Br. Osaed left Winnipeg for a one year sabbatical leave. We thank Br. Osaed for his great service to the community and welcome Dr. Khaled to our team


Upcoming events (details to follow):

  • Pot luck Iftar on day of Arafa at Grand and Hazelwood Mosques, expected date: Monday, Oct 14.
  • Eid Al-Adha, prayer at Convention, expected date: Tuesday, Oct 15.
  • Eid Dinner: “Volunteers We Regard” to be held on October 26


MIA Al-Noor Weekend School

The MIA Al-Noor Weekend School opened its doors on Saturday September the 14th. The school is held at the Churchill High School on 510 Hay Street, every Saturday 10:00 AM-2:00 PM. The school provides Islamic and Arabic education for students at various levels. To register please contact MIA Office Manager office at 256-1347; e-mail: office@miaonline.org.

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