[Sep 5th] MIA EC Update

[Sep 15th] Hajj fiqh workshop

When: Sunday, September 15th, 2013
Time: 2:00 PM (After Dhuhur)

MIA is conducting a Hajj Fiqh workshop. Topics covered will include:

  • Fiqh rules and rituals of Hajj.
  • Spiritual dimensions of Hajj.
  • Medical and logistical aspects of Hajj.

The workshop is primarily for those who are planning to go for Hajj, but it is also open to all interested. If you are planning to go for Hajj this year, we encourage you to register by e-mailing:

office@miaonline.org or calling (204) 256-1347


MIA Al-Noor Weekend School

The MIA Al-Noor Weekend School will begin on Saturday September the 14th. The school is held at the Churchill High School on 510 Hay Street, every Saturday 10:00 AM-2:00 PM. The school provides Islamic and Arabic education for students at various levels. For more information and registration forms please click here


MIA Al-Fajr Sunday Quran class

The MIA Al-Fajr Quran Institute will resume its regular Sunday Quran class on September the 15th at both the Grand and Hazelwood Mosques. Please click here for the [pdf] and here for the [Word] registration forms. Please fill all the required information, indicate your preferred location and submit it to MIA office.


MIA Al-Fajr Certified Quran Hifz Program

The Al-Fajr advanced Quran memorization (hifz) program will begin on September the 15th. Students registered in this program will be required to attend classes twice per week on days to be determined by instructors. Please click here for the registration forms ([pdf] or [word] format). Please submit the form to MIA office.


Quran teachers needed

The MIA Al-Fajr Quran Institute is looking for volunteers to teach in the Sunday Quran classes. If you are interested please contact Sheikh Atef Ibrahim and Dr. Sadeq Shudaifat, the Imams of the Grand and Hazelwood mosques respectively or e-mail: office@miaonline.org



The Eid El-Fitr prayer held at the Convention Center as well as the Eid festival held on August the 24th were well organized and well attended. The MIA EC would like to thank all volunteers and organizers for their dedication and hard work. The EC We welcomes your suggestion and ideas for future improvements of these events. You can send your e-mail suggestions to: office@miaonline.org.

Please see below sample photos:

Eid prayer at the Convention:


Eid Festival at the Grand Mosque on Waverely: