Updates and Events

  1. [Dec 23] Come and meet the new MIA Executive Council:
    Members of the newly elected MIA Executive Council will be available at the Waverley mosque after Jumma prayer on December 23. Please come and meet them for quick chat, refreshments will be served in the gym.
  2. [Dec 23 and Dec 30] Bake sale fundraising:
    The newly established MIA Events Committee in coordination with many families is organizing a fund raising bake sale on December 23rd  December 30th. The fundraising will take place after Jumma prayer at the Waverley mosque gym. All proceeds will be used to cover the operational expenses of the mosque. We urge you all to attend and donate. Contact: Osaed Khan @ secretary@miaonline.org

  3. [Dec 27] Annual mosque cleaning day:
    The newly established MIA Facilities Maintenance committee is organizing its first annual cleaning of both the Waverley and Hazelwood mosques. The committee would ask for your participation. 30-50 volunteers will be needed. Please send an e-mail to Br. Ala Qasim @ member2@miaonline.org if you wish to volunteer; all brothers and sisters are welcomed. Date: Tuesday, December 27; Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Snacks will be served. If you have a truck to carry garbage or special cleaning machines that you like to lend, please contact Br. Ala.
  4. MIA Administrative assistant:
    MIA EC has hired for a term part time position Br. Mubarak as Administrative Assistant. Br. Mubarak will be in charge of all administrative issue as well as all service requests from community members (funeral arrangements, bookings for marriage officiating etc). By having administrative assistant, the MIA EC hopes to serve you better, ensure your Tax receipts are mailed to you promptly, you phone message replied to and all services delivered to you on time.
  5. [Feb 19] Community get together night:
    The MIA events committee is planning on a major “community get together night” tentatively for Feb 19, 2012. Sheikh Abdullah Idris, the renowned speaker from Toronto, has tentatively agreed to attend. Stay tuned for more details.
  6. MIA finances:
    The MIA EC is in the process of reviewing and analyzing all financial records received. Once they complete the review, they will issue a report to the membership. In the mean time we urge you all to donate generously by writing checks payable to MIA, taxable receipts will be sent to you promptly. You can as well donate online by going to miaonline.org (click : Donate Now button), you may also contact the Treasurer: Ahmed Durrani @ treasurer@miaonline.org.