MIA Updates

Thank you to the Events Committee:

Thank you to the MIA Events Committee for all their hard work in organizing the “United We Stand” dinner event. Their effort and the efforts of the many young volunteers (please see below their names) was very much appreciated by all who attended the event.

As well, link to Winnipeg Free Press Article’s on the two recipients of the award Br. Abdulkareem and Ghulam.

Video clips of the event will be sent in the next EC update.

MIA Events Committee
Harun Cicek Mariam Arunkiet Merdia Imame Aisha Awan
Sajid Khan Rani Claire Khaled Al-Taweel Kathleen Mazur
Ramhuzaini Abdulrahman Muhamad Sadek Almisk      
MIA Volunteers
Rami Elzayat Ferdose Sheikheldin Safa Mian Ahmad Farag
Khaled Elsalakawy Aminah Tajuri Urooj Shahin Muhammad Awan
Absar Sved Manar Mekkawy Usman Abdullah
Iman Abid Osama Jarkas Nfaba Gassama Zahrah Ali
Hamza Mian Leila Sharif Amir Anwar
Fanar Hassan Taibah Awan Shahzad Mussadiq Seema Uddin
Ibrahim Khan Nilufer Rehman      

March 24 “Community Building” Event:

On Saturday, March 24th another community gathering will be held at the Waverly mosque, beginning at 5:00 pm. Invited to this event is Imam Abdullah Antepali. The main topic of the lecture will be: “Community Building: A holistic Approach from Quran and Sunnah”. Dinner will be served. More details will follow. This event is jointly organized in collaboration between local Muslim organizations (MIA, WCM, CMWI, ISSA, CMLI, MMSA, MSA, Alhijra and Zubaida Talab), reflecting a new spirit of coordination and team work among local Muslim organization.

April 07 Community Lecture Night:

On Friday, April 07 or Saturday, April 08, the MIA Events Committee is organizing a lecture night with a guest speaker from Toronto. Details of the program will follow soon.

Financial Statements & Tax Receipts:

The audited financial statements for the fiscal year ending in 2010 are now posted on MIA website for reference purposes. The 2011 financial statements will also be posted soon. As well, going forward quarterly financial reports will be posted. We thank the Finance and Audit committee for all their hard work.

Also, tax receipts for last year (received from former EC) will be mailed to your address soon, if we have your addresses in record, if not please check with the MIA office administrator or Treasurer.


In order to make MIA a policy driven organization, the EC with the help of various members of the community has formulated a number of policies. Included in these policies are:

All MIA EC members have signed the conflict of interest and disclosure document and all staff are required to do so.

Highlights from Khuttba Survey Results:  

Thanks for all of you who completed the khuttba survey. The feedback you gave were great and we will do our best to act upon them. Here are some highlights of the survey results:

What is your preferred durration for khuttba? Results
                   20 Minutes 60%
                   30 Minutes 36%
                   1 Hour 4%
Do you like to have one permanent khateeb in your mosque or a rotating different Khateebs? Results 
                    Permanent  30%
                    Rotating  70%
Would you like to have a feedback medium (online or a box) to provide timely feedback to your khateebs? Results 
                    Yes  95%
                    No  5%

Facility usage:

With the grace of Allah the activities in the Waverly center has been on a steady increase. Rarely a day goes without having some sort of educational, sports or social activity. More requests to use the facility continue to come in. For those who can’t book Waverly due to increased demand, Hazelwood mosque basement is an alternative. It is a fully equipped basement that can accommodate a good number of people. You may do your booking by going tohttp://www.miaonline.org/services. or call MIA office administrator at 256-1347