Eid Adha 2016

Eid Al-Adha Information

Eid Al-Adha will Insha Allah be on Monday, September 12, 2016. The Day of Arafah is on Sunday September 11, 2016.
Eid Mubarak Everyone!

Day of Arafah
It is a strong Sunnah (Prophetic tradition) to fast the day before Eid, known as the Day of Arafah. On that day, the pilgrims ascend the mount of Arafah in the climax of their Hajj. The Prophet (SAW) said that fasting the day of Arafah expiates for the sins of the past year and the year to come.

Eid prayer information
Eid prayer will take place at the Royal Bank Convention Center, 375 York Ave, Winnipeg. Takbeerat begin at 8:30 AM. Eid prayer is at 9:30 AM and the khutba will end at 10 AM. Parking information is available here. Please bring your prayer mats and follow instructions of staff and volunteers.

Let’s share our Eid with the world! We encourage community members active on social media to share their Eid experiences and photos using the hashtag #WinnipegEid.