[Feb 27] MIA EC Update

Job posting: Part-Time caretaker for Grand Mosque:

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Over the last one year, the utilization of the Waverly Grand Mosque has increased significantly. With so many recurring sports activities, classes, halaqas, dinners, events, meetings etc., the efforts required to keep the mosque clean has doubled. The current caretaker works only 20 hours a week. Accordingly, the MIA EC has decided to hire another part-time caretaker in order to fully meet all the cleaning and maintenance requirements of the mosque. Please find attached the Job posting details. All interested are encouraged to apply.

Contact Info: osaed.khan@miaonline.org


Muslim Culture Day:

The MIA EC is holding an open “Muslim Culture Day” on May 20. The purpose of this event is to educate members of our community and the public at large on the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Muslims. Each selected Muslim cultures will have a corner where their cultural fine arts, dresses, food, unique traditional items etc will be in display. In addition, historical facts and civilizational contributions will be presented. The MIA EC is looking for volunteers representing our various Muslim cultures to come forward and assist in planning and preparing for this event.

Contact Info: To participate on behalf of your cultural group please contact osaed.khan@miaonline.org


Muslim Youth Summit, A Great Success!

The 1st Annual Muslim Youth Summit was successfully completed. Over 2 days close to 150 high school and university students converged in the mosque, engaged in discussions, listening to inspiring lectures by renown speakers, praying in congregation and enjoying the company of each other. At the “Youth We Appreciate” dinner on Saturday, Youth service awards were presented to the following 6 youth:
•    Sr. Semmauddin,
•    Sr. Warda,
•    Sr. Raja,
•    Br. Nafaba,
•    Br. Shahzad,
•    Br. Khaled. 

The awards were handed out by two community elders:
•    Sr. Zulaika Mustapha
•    Br. Basheer Rajput. 

The EC would like to thank:
•    Sponsors,
•    Events committee,
•    Summit organizing Committee and all other volunteers. 

Planning for next year’s Youth Summit is underway. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the summit, please e-mail them to Osaed Khan @: osaed.khan@miaonline.org

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