Job Posting: Imam for Ramadan

The Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA) has served Manitobans and the Muslim community in Manitoba for nearly 50 years. In Winnipeg, the MIA currently operates Pioneer Mosque, the first mosque ever established in Manitoba and a large mosque and community centre (Grand Mosque). The MIA also operates a musallah for the growing Muslim community in and around the city of Winkler. There are an estimated 20,000 Muslims in Manitoba, most of whom live in Winnipeg. The community is ethnically and culturally diverse and MIA seeks to cultivate this diversity and strengthen it.

The Manitoba Islamic Association is seeking applications from interested individuals for a visiting Imam position during the month of Ramadan 1440/2019. The successful candidate will spend the month of Ramadan with the Muslim community in Manitoba and be a religious and spiritual resource for the community.

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