[Jul 17] MIA EC Updates

Educational Programs in Ramadan:

For the benefit of our community members, the following programs will be held during the blessed month of Ramadan:

  • Lectures: Will be held every Sunday after Zuhr prayer at the Waverly Mosque for 15 minutes.
  • Reminders: Will be held in between taraweeh prayers every Friday and Saturday nights at Hazelwood and Waverly mosques.
  • Quran recitation halaqas for adults:
    • There will be a 3 level (beginners, medium, advanced) supervised recitation of Quran halaqas every Sunday before Zuhr at Waverly mosque. There will be separate halaqas for sisters and brothers. The halaqas are for youth and adults only.
For more information on this and more, please open the “Ramadan Bulletin” (by clicking here).

Ramadan Schedules:

➢    Ramadan prayer schedule: You may print a copy by opening the link below; printed copies will be available at local mosques.

➢    Prayer leaders’ schedule (tentative): The schedule of the brothers leading prayers in Hazelwood and Waverly mosques during taraweeh will be posted soon

Community Spirit:

During the last few weeks, our community was bustling with various programs and activities; the Waverly mosque was mostly booked. Included in these activities were: the Annual Youth Camp Awakening, Ramadan workshop with Sh. Slimi, Annual pre-Ramadan bake sale, Annual Tableegi Ijtima, Annual Community picnic etc. The MIA EC welcomes and encourages all social, educational and dawa programs that serve members of our community. MIA EC is committed to fostering a healthy communal relationship and encourages working together in spirit of collaboration, coordination and mutual respect. With participation and voluntarism from all sections of our community, we can inshallah take our community to higher grounds. We thanks all the volunteers and organizers for their great efforts.


Update on Br. Hamid Farooq:

Br. Hamid Farooq who lost his wife, three young daughters and his mother in a house fire in January 2012 has been back in Winnipeg for a while and is working hard to rebuild his life again. 

The Winnipeg community and various organizations, particularly theMIA, ISSA and HOT103 took the lead in providing physical, emotional, spiritual and financial support to Br. Hamid Farooq.

The preliminary estimate of costs relating to local funeral, shipping the bodies oversees, expenses in Pakistan, room and board in Winnipeg for few months, taxes and contingencies etc was about $50,000.00. The Winnipeg community contributed $72,715.31 of which $22,423 was deposited in MIA account and $50,292.31 in a Trust account at Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU).  

Total expenses to date are: $17,926.80. The expenses are lower than the initial estimate due to free and/or reduced fee and services (gifts in kind valued around $27,000) that were made available.  There is still $7,995.31 remaining in MIA account and $46,793.20 in ACU account available for Hamid Farooq. He has also received unspecified direct help from other sources such as:

  • Neighbours
  • School/Canada Inn
  • Westfield Industries

Br. Hamid Farooq is spending the remaining funds to repair and re-establish his house and property.

We are thankful to the community and all donors for their generosity, support and help. May Allah give our Br. Hamid the strength to cope with this tragic loss and may Allah reward you all for your generosity.