[Jul 27] MIA EC Update

Guest Speaker:

Shaikh Ala Al-Sayed, a well known speaker and Imam of ISNA mosque in Toronto has been invited to Winnipeg for Friday, August the 3rd. Sh. Ala, will give the Jumma khuttba at Waverly mosque, as well, he will give a spiritual speech in between the taraweeh prayers on Friday.

Taraweeh at Mosques:

Despite the late hours of taraweeh, the Grand and Hazelwwod Mosques have been very well attended. Similarly, other prayer locations in downtown have seen growing attendance. The spirit of togetherness (Jama’) and brotherhood evident in these gatherings is inspiring and refreshing. We thank our volunteer prayer leaders: Ala Ibrahim, Atef Ibrahim, Shamael Azzami, Dr. Nazir Khan and others for leading the prayers.
We ask the congregants of Hazelwood Mosque, in particular, to be more considerate of the neighbours of the mosque and be careful not to cause them any inconvenience. 


For the benefit of mothers with young children, a free daily baby sitting arrangement has been made at the Waverly Grand Mosque. It is available in the board room near the grand entrance.

Zakat and Fitra:

Fitra is estimated at $10.00 per person.  Fitra payments can be made at the mosques by using the designated donation boxes.  Zakat money can also be paid the same way. If you write a cheque please indicate type of payment (zakat or fitra). Tax deductible will be mailed for all payments made by cheque, payable to MIA.  Zakat and Fitra can also be paid on-line through miaonline.org. (click here to go directly to donation site).

Sponsorship Opportunities:

·         The MIA, in collaboration with the chaplain, will be arranging Eid Celebration event at Stony Mountain Institution. There are about 25 Muslim prison inmates who are fasting during Ramadan. We want to bring them the joy of Eid at their prison.   

·         MIA will also provide free suhoor during the last 10 days of Ramadan at the Grand Mosque and Hazelwood Mosque.

If you would like to be a sponsor of any of these events you can do so online through miaonline.org. (click here to go directly to donation site) or contact MIA secretary Osaed Khan @ osaed.khan@miaonline.org