Jumaa Khutba Guidelines

The following are some guidelines put by the MIA Khotba Committee. If you want to check the jumaa khateeb schedule or provide feedback on a khateeb, please click here.

  • Deliver khuttbahs (sermon) in clear and proficient English. Make sure to translate all Arabic quotations into English in precise and understandable manners.
  • Limit your khuttba to 20 minutes. Try to start and finish at consistent times so that people can plan their off times from work. The preferred time would be to start khuttba at 1:50 and finish it at 2:10 (maximum 2:15) and complete the prayer by 2:20 at the latest. The shorter and concise the khuttbas are the better they are received and comprehended.
  • Organize your khuttba delivery by having an introduction, a body and conclusion with a seamless transition between the parts of the khuttba. Have a clear consistent theme and avoid confusing the listener by abruptly switching themes and topics.
  • Manage your tone. Avoid being monotonous and being too loud or screaming.
  • Have a variety in your khuttba topics; substantiate it with Quran, Sunnah and the precedents of the righteous. Present your topics in ways related to congregant’s day to day life experiences and challenges.
  • Don’t sound partisan favoring one group over another group. Be objective, factual and your message should be inspiring, unifying and geared to all.
  • Keep your personal grievances, issues or your personal affiliations out of the khuttba. Khuttba is a major responsibility and an important forum; a great degree of diligence and tact is essential.
  • Familiarize yourself with hate laws of Canada and be discreet on how you address interfaith issues. Further, MIA is a registered charity and isn’t allowed to engage in partisan politics; accordingly it is important not to endorse any particular party or group in your khuttbas.
  • Remember the mosque congregants are vastly diverse; be sensitive in your communications and delivery; avoid offensive languages or terminologies that have negative connotations.
  • Welcome any feedback given to you in person and listen to it attentively, showing respect and regard for the person.