MISSION OF MIA’s MENTAL HEALTH INITIATIVE: To provide services that will contribute to the mental and emotional health of Manitoba’s Muslim community. This will include: enhancing people’s coping skills with a variety of life stressors, such as adjustment, grief, trauma & conflict, strengthening people’s sense of identity and belonging in Manitoba, and empowering individuals and families to function more effectively (if this is a concern).

JOB TITLE:  Mental Health Counsellor

JOB DESCRIPTION: The counsellor will work with individuals, couples or families to provide supportive counselling and therapy in English and in other languages used in the Muslim community in alignment with the Mission of the Mental Health Initiative.

REMUNERATION: Honorariums are available for a limited number of hours monthly

AVAILABILITY: As per your availability


  • To provide individual, couple, or family therapy; ability to work effectively with youth (ages 13-29) is an asset
  • Maintains highly professional conduct
  • To engender trust, ensures the strictest confidentiality of all information pertaining to clients
  • Abides by the ethical standards of your profession: is aware of conflicts of interest, limited scope of practice, knows when to seek supervision
  • Comfortable working with: immigrants, refugees, international students, converts & children of these groups
  • Can address issues of: Islamophobia, racism, sexism, classism, able-ism, abuse, trauma & acculturation
  • Refers client(s) to appropriate resources and other professionals (including religious leaders) if and when appropriate
  • Willing to consult with the team to address difficulties
  • Maintains accurate, up-to-date records of assessments, interventions, planning and outcome of counselling services provided
  • Compiles statistics as required
  • Ability to create and deliver workshops and/or groups is valuable
  • Ability to design programs to address needs is also helpful



  • Highly ethical & honest
  • Non-judgmental; demonstrates “respectful curiosity”
  • Empathic and compassionate
  • Willing and able to work with the rich diversity of issues and backgrounds seen in the Muslim community
  • Strong communication and conflict resolution skills to effectively deal with clients, colleagues, supervisors
  • Humble; can admit areas of growth
  • Instills hope
  • Patient
  • Actively working on strengthening your own emotional, mental, and spiritual health
  • Willing to undergo ongoing training to strengthen professional skills

Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelors, Master’s, or Ph.D./Psy.D. in Psychiatry, Counselling, Social Work, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Marriage & Family Therapy, or related discipline from a recognized university (preference will be given to those educated in Canada or the USA; however, those educated outside North America may be considered)
  • Must be registered with a Manitoba licensing body and carry liability insurance

Other Qualifications:

  • Can provide counselling in an additional language, such as Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, or another language
  • Knowledge of the Qur’an, Hadith, Sunnah & history of Islam are highly preferable to understand clients & their families’ contexts, and to incorporate into treatment (as appropriate & as requested)


  • Previous counselling experience
  • Can use remote platforms or conduct telecounselling

Please send resume and cover letter to: Mental Health Initiative at: counselling@miaonline.org.

You will be asked to provide a current Criminal record check, Vulnerable Sector Check, Adult and Child Abuse Registry Checks prior to working with clients.