MIA Executive Council Message

All MIA Executive Members resignations and dissolution of current MIA Executive Council and call for the MIA Executive Council Election before February 28th, 2010 

According to the emergency meeting of the executive members, this decision has been made to public.


The president of MIA, Dr.Naseer Warraich and first VP Br.Akram Rana failed to attend any official executive meetings called after Jan15th, 2010. They refused to cooperate for any MIA affairs and took control by locking all other executives out of the MIA office. Dr. Warraich continued his harassment and abuse of the executive council through threatening e-mails, false accusations and defamations. He misled the whole community by using the MIA platform. He continuously spread hatred and division among the community by hijacking the MIA media, cutting off all the channels of communication between the executives and the community. He refused to attend any reconciliation attempt which was tried by various reputed community members. Since he took office as president, he constantly violated the constitution of the MIA and abused his powers.


On the initiative of Dr.Warraich, despite his propaganda and under the pressure of a great number of Muslim brothers and sisters, the council took the decision to release Sh.Hosni from the position of MIA imam due to the following facts beside others:

i)                    Taking $8,000 from MIA Takaful fund in October 2009 and keeping secret from the public.

ii)                   Unethical Nov12th, 2009 three years Imam’s contract without any job responsibilities, which was not approved by previous Executive Council. ($56,000/Ann).

iii)                 Refusing to attend any official meeting with the MIA Council since Dec 6th, 2009.

iv)                 Ignoring and performing most of the job responsibilities assigned to him by the president.

v)                  Failed to submit the police clearance report requested by the president.

vi)                 Ignoring the Islamic Akhlaq.


MIA Executive Council considers its job an Amanah and considers itself accountable to Allah SWT and entire Muslim community of Manitoba. All the decisions taken by MIA Executive Council in last two months were as Ameen of the community.


We, the five MIA executive council members, have decided in protest, due to all mentioned reasons, to

i)                    Dissolve the MIA Executive Council as a whole.

ii)                   Handing over resignation as of February 7th, 2010.

iii)                 Give control to the MIA Board of Trustees to run temporarily run MIA affairs.

iv)                 Call for the AGM for a new election before February 28th, 2010.


We thank Allah SWT to have given us the opportunity to serve to the best of our abilities our community for this short period in the MIA.


Our sincere thanks to all those who elected us and trusted us.


Kadim Al-Roubaie       2nd VP


Sarfraz Chishti              Treasurer

Shariq Kidwai              Secretary

Dr.Soufi Taib                Executive member

Ashfaq Rahim               Executive member