Dear members of the community, Assalamu Alaikum.

Peace be upon you.

The MIA Pioneer Mosque and Grand Mosque will be closed as of Friday November 6, 2020. Mosques will be closed for daily prayers and Jumu’a Friday prayers.

MIA has adopted the guidelines of the Canadian Muslim Covid Task Force (CMCTF) which recommends mosque closure when the COVID alert level is highest. The CMCTF is composed of religious, medical and community leaders and MIA has been a member of it since March.

This step is taken out of abundance of caution, in consultation with local specialist physicians and religious leaders. It also considers the public calls made recently by physicians in Manitoba to restrict contacts and activities to avoid further strain on the health care system and further spread of COVID-19 in the community.

We will use this time of closure to conduct additional deep cleaning and sanitizing of the facilities, review and modify safety protocols and explore modifications to the prayer ticketing system.

Please join us tonight for our online community check in, when we will provide additional explanation and respond to your concerns and questions.

We are grateful for your patience, support and understanding.


The MIA Board of Directors