Pledge of the MIA Executive Council members elected December 2011

  • I shall sincerely work for the sake of Allah and serve the local Muslim community and MIA with integrity and dedication.
  • I shall carry my duties in accordance to the Quran & Sunnah of the prophet; as well, I shall fully abide by the MIA constitution & by laws.
  • I shall avoid any situation that constitutes “conflict of interest” and shall not use MIA’s resources for my own benefit or the benefit of those closely associated with me.
  • I shall fully carry my executive duties; attending regular meetings on time, maintaining confidentiality and following established procedures.
  • I shall immediately resign from my executive position if I am convicted of a criminal offense or professional misconduct. As well, I shall resign if I become incapacitated and not being able to carry my executive duties.
  • I shall not accept any remuneration or material benefit for doing executive work, as required by the MIA constitution.
  • I shall treat all member of the community with the greatest respect, regard and consideration regardless of their ethnicity, views or affiliations.
  • I shall welcome criticism and listen equally to opposing and agreeing views.
  • I understand that if I move out of the province, I automatically cease to be executive member; as well, I understand that if I miss 3 consecutive meetings with no notice, I cease to be executive member, as per MIA constitution.