Presidents Message

I would like to make an announcement about a couple of members from the MIA Executive Council.  I, Naseer Warraich president of MIA regretfully announce, General Secretary Br. Shariq Kidwai and one of the Executive Member Sufi Taib, has done an unlawful activity under the Umbrella of MIA. It is in the best interest of our Community and MIA to remove these individuals effective immediately because of their misconduct. We have consulted with many respected members of this community and they all have the same thinking about those individuals. We will do everything possible to keep the peace and harmony in the community and we will not let anyone ruin peace and harmony in our community.Some of the issues are listed below:

 ·         They held a hidden meeting without consulting MIA president for their malicious agenda against The MIA, Muslim community and the Imam

·         They forged the MIA cheque which is clearly violation of law and makes it a criminal act

·         They provided false information to Police and sent Cops to the Imam’s house to threaten him and his family. Their act caused a lot of disturbance and pain for Imam and his family. Even Imam’s young kids were traumatized.

·         They used their position to manipulate the E-news letter of the MIA  to announce their unconstitutional and unethical act of firing respected Imam of the community

·         They used all their means to remove honorable Imam Hossani and to bring their own Imam to promote their radical ideology. By doing this they want to destroy the peace and harmony in our community.

I Naseer Warraich President of MIA like to announce the new replacement for General Sectary and Executive Member.  Br. Hammad Khan as General Sectary and Dr. Sabiha Haseeb as Executive Member of MIA Executive Council.