Update from the MIA Refugee Support Committee (MRSC)

Dear Members of the Muslim Community, Assalamu Alaikum

This is a special update from the MIA Refugee Support Committee (MRSC).

Alhamdulillah, over 100 new comers have arrived in Manitoba over the past 3 weeks. The MRSC has been busy in identifying their needs and supporting programs aimed at welcoming them and helping them settle in Manitoba. The Grand Mosque recently hosted a welcome dinner for the new comers, organized by the Syrian Assembly of Manitoba, and MRSC volunteers prepared beautiful gifts to the new families, including a Quran for each family.

Currently, we need your help in the following areas:

Housing: Housing continue to be a challenge. Some families are having to stay in transitional housing for several week. If you own rental properties or are aware of any please let us know. We also need volunteers to setup appointments with rental properties for the new families.

Donations: We call on the Muslim community to donate generously. You can donate online or at the MIA office. Your donations will be used to provide essential household items for new comer families, beyond the basics provided by government. With the funds, MRSC volunteers will purchase new items and distribute them immediately to new comer families.You can donate through the MIA office or online at this link (select the option Refugee Support):


If you wish to volunteer with the committee, please fill this form:

Most importantly, please keep this families in your Du’a and pray to Allah (swt) to make their transition to Manitoba a successful one.