MIA Special Meeting for Members

When: Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
Time: 1:30 p.m (after Dhuhr)
Where: Winnipeg Grand Mosque
This notice along with the agenda was mailed out early this week to all members, however, some mail came back to the MIA due to errors in some members addresses. Click Read more to read the letter and agenda.

To all Members of the MIA,
The Executive Council advises that a special meeting of the MIA General Assembly has been called for Sunday, November 22ed,  2009 by virtue of a written request signed by at least 25 members as per Article X Section (2) b). 
Section (2) b) states the following:
“Upon receipt of written request signed by at least 25 Members, the Executive Council shall be required to call a special meeting of the General Assembly within two weeks of receipt of such a written request, subject to the provisions of Section (1) (d) of this article.”  
Said meeting will be held at the Grand Mosque, 2445 Waverley Street, Winnipeg MB starting promptly at 1:30 pm (right after Zuhur). The Agenda is attached.
For your information, the other relevant constitutional clauses pertaining to the above are detailed below.
Section (1) d) states the following:
“The agenda for all General Assembly meetings shall be circulated no later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting.”
Article IV. General Assembly Section (1) states that: “Full members as defined in Article III Section (1) (a) shall constitute the General Assembly of the Association.”
Article XI. Quorum Section (1) states that: “Thirty three Members or 33% of the Full Members as per Article III Section (1) (a), whichever is the greater, present at a duly called General Assembly meeting shall constitute quorum.      
Please note that Section (3) further states that: “If a quorum is not present at the first meeting called for within one-half hour, then that meeting shall be adjourned for two weeks, notice for which shall be circulated to the membership. Members present at this meeting shall constitute a quorum.”
Yours truly,
Khaled Al-Nahar
Manager – MIA
cc MIA Executive Council
1) Call to Order – MIA President
2) Quran Recitation – TBD
3) Confirmation of Quorum (Article XI, Section 1). If quorum is not present, the meeting will be adjourned for two weeks (Article XI, Section 3).
4) Approval of the Agenda  
5) To Nominate the Steering Committee (Article VIII Section 3)
6) To establish the Policies/Procedures/Methodology by which the MIA 2009 elections will be held.
7) Adjournment of Meeting