What is the MIA Converts Committee?

MIA converts committee is an initiative headed by Manitoba Islamic association for the wellbeing of new Muslims (brothers and sisters) who embrace Islam. It is a committee run by Converts for converts.


What is the goal of MIA Converts Committee?

The goal is to support, educate and integrate new Muslims into our community. To assist them in their transition to a new faith and identity, and to empower them to become confident individuals and embrace their identity as new Muslims.


Why do we need such an initiative?

Being a New Muslim comes with a lot of challenges. These may include struggling with a new identity, new way of life, and family challenges to name a few. MIA converts committee aims to keep new Muslims steadfast in their religion, and supported through the challenges they face. As well, we think It is important that new Muslims feel supported in their community, not just among converts, but in the broader community as well.


Some of the things we are working on:

A care package for new Muslims, this package will include some books which are easy to read and understand; a way to connect through social media ; in person events/meetups; educational seminars; peer to peer support (a “buddy system” or someone to reach out to when needed).



Peer to Peer supportBooks and referencesCommunity events
Masjid Buddy Lectures and workshopsCommunity volunteering
Counselling servicesReferral to scholarMosque activities


What do we need?

Your input! We want to make sure we provide the support new Muslims need most. So please make sure to let us know what you as a new Muslim think we can do that would be helpful.

We can be reached through email at converts@miaonline.org
We look forward to hearing from you inshallah.

MIA Converts Committee
Winnipeg, Manitoba