About the Manitoba Islamic Association

The Manitoba Islamic Association (MIA) traces its roots to the late fifties and early sixties of the 20th century, when Muslim immigrants to Manitoba came together to worship, learn and socialize. MIA was officially incorporated in 1969 and has grown from its humble beginnings to being the oldest and largest membership-based Islamic organization in Manitoba.

The MIA owns and operates the historic first mosque in Manitoba, located in old St. Vital and a modern mosque and community center, referred to as the Manitoba Grand Mosque, on Waverley Street. The MIA facilitates for Muslims in Winnipeg the opportunity to practice their faith. In addition to religious services, the MIA offers the community educational programs for children and families, charitable assistance to those in need and social and cultural programs.  We help our community members thrive as Muslims in Canada. The MIA is governed by an elected seven-member Executive Council.

Executive Council 2018-2020

Name Position Email
Idris El Bakri President idris.elbakri@miaonline.org
Salman Qureshi Vice President 1 salman.qureshi@miaonline.org
Dr. Cheikh Moulaye Vice President 2 ould.moulaye@miaonline.org
Hayitboy Mahmudov Secretary eid.mahmudov@miaonline.org
Salman Idris Treasurer salman.idris@miaonline.org
Ahmed Abdelghany Executive Member ahmed.abdelghany@miaonline.org
Raza Hameed Executive Member raza.hameed@miaonline.org