“My son is reading a book ” I can pray everywhere” Thanks MIA Library For making our kids read what we want them to read”. A.M. Almehdi

“Mashallah so proud of the MIA Library. I used to be a librarian about 20 years ago. It’s so heartwarming to see the library being used and with such an active group of patrons”. S Rajput.

“Thanks a lot for this useful and interesting activity about Alhijrah. The illustrations were expressive and the explanation was resourceful and interactive. Thanks Abeer, Hanan, Dalia, and to all the team who made this lovely day possible. Can’t wait for more exciting Activities. M. Attia

“Very informative session for kids specifically questions in end, God bless all the organizers”.

“Great work! Simple and easy to understand, yet very informative. JAK”.

“So nice my kids love it Thanks”

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