“Zakah is for the poor and for the needy, and for those employed to collect [zakah] and for bringing hearts together, and for freeing captives, and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the traveler – an obligation by Allah . And Allah is Knowing and Wise.”
– Surah Al Tawbah, verse 60.

MIA collects Zakat and Fitra and distributes those funds to those in need, in the form of short-term direct financial assistance or in-kind food support. Assistance is available in Manitoba only.

If you need food, please call us at 204-256-1347.

If you need short-term financial assistance, please submit the application form along with all of the required documents. If you need help with the application or have any questions, please call 204-256-1347 or email takaful@miaonline.org.

Required Accompanying Documents (can be uploaded during application process):

  • Copy of a photo ID
  • Last 3 paystubs (if employed)
  • Bank Statement (last 3 months)
  • Copy of Health Card
  • Copy of Rental/lease agreement
  • Letter of Explanation (Please write to us in detail, explaining your current situation and financial needs.Please specify the reason(s) you are seeking financial assistance through the Takaful program).
  • Information on other sources of income
  • Documented proof of need for special/extraordinary support (e.g., disability, medical)

Please do not send original documents as they will not be returned.