[Nov 18] MIA EC Update

Reminder: MIA Annual General Body Meeting:

The MIA Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) will be held on Sunday November 25, 2012 after Zuhr prayer (1:00 pm) at the Waverly Mosque. Notices were mailed to all members weeks earlier.
•    Recitation of Quran
•    Confirmation of quorum
•    President’s report
•    Financial report
•    Annual Budget
•    Discussion of lawyer’s correspondence.
•    Selection of Steering Committee
•    By-election of Treasurer (incumbent Br. Eid)
•    Election of 3 Trustees (3 year, 2 year, 1 year term)
•    Adjournment
Some rules of AGM (as per MIA constitution)

  • Who can vote in AGM meeting?

Article XI, Section (4): “To be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting in November a person must be a paid Full Member as of September 30 of that year…” 

  • What issues to discuss?

Article X. Section (1): 

a)    The Agenda for all General Assembly meetings shall be circulated no later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting;
b)    No other business except those stated in the agenda proposed for the meeting shall be transacted;

Note: Please bring an ID with a photo and address.
For any inquiry please contact MIA Secretary:  osaed.khan@miaonline.org


Community Iftar on day of Ashura (10th of Muharam):

More Info: Click here

•    When: Saturday, November 24, 2012
•    Time: After Maghrib
•    Where: Winnipeg Grand Mosque (2445 Waverley)
The day of Ashura  (10th of Muharram) is expected to be on Saturday, November the 24th. Fasting on the day of Ashura is recommended. Ibn ‘Abbas said: “I never saw the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) so keen to fast any day and give it priority over any other than this day, the day of ‘Ashura’, and this month, meaning Ramadhan.” [Reported by al-Bukhari, 1867]
A community potluck iftar will be held at the Grand mosque on Waverly on the day of Ashura. We encourage all families to bring their iftar and share it will other members of the community.
Contact Info: For more info, please contact: office@miaonline.org
Note: fasting a day before and a day after  Ashura is also recommended.