Eid Annoucement

The MIA Executive Council and the Winnipeg Central Mosque Council are pleased to confirm the beginning of Eid Al-Fitr on Sunday August 19th, based on the fiqh criteria of Ittihad Al-Mattalie and the indisputable astronomical data. Eid prayers will be held at the Convention Center in downtown.

Note: the last taraweeh prayer will be held tonight at all mosques as usual.

Eid program:

  • Beginning of Takbeerat:            8:30 AM.
  • Beginning of Eid prayer:            9:30 AM.
  • Beginning of Khuttba:              9:40 AM.
  • End of Khuttba:                      10:00 AM.
  • Khateeb of Eid:                       Guest speaker, Shaikh Talal Ahdab                  

Parking is available for a fee at the Convention Centre and the adjacent hotel. Street parking is also available. Since it is Sunday, traffic should be minimal.

Things to note:

  • Please bring your prayer mats, as the floor is not carpeted.
  • Please keep your children in your company.
  • Please cooperate with security staff and volunteers and follow their instructions.
  • Please donate generously to help us cover all costs. Donation boxes will be available.

Manitoba Muslim Magazine:
Free copies of the Manitoba Muslim Magazine (Vol. 14, issue 3) will be available for distribution on Eid day. Please pick-up your copy.