MIA Financial Sustainability Initiatives: Putting an End to Fundraising!

Several initiatives are under way to diversify revenue sources and establish long-term financial sustainability. It will take time for these initiatives to bear fruit. Please help us NOW [link to donate button] so we can be here for your children tomorrow.

Through the 100 SEEDS campaign, community donors are encouraged to become regular monthly donors. Alhamdulillah, we have over 60 regular donors giving and we need more! Please consider joining this campaign. Regular contributions stabilize finances and enable us to focus on long term planning. Learn more at www.100Seeds.ca.

MIA facilities are better utilized and organized. We now accept reservations online from the general public and plans are in place to steadily increase revenue from our facilities. We have also launched MIA Café, a lunch and snacks service available after Friday prayers.

A program for business sponsorships is under development. Last year, local businesses sponsored the major Eid Carnival, and insha Allah this year this program will be expanded further. If you are a business owner interested in promoting your brand to the thousands who access MIA services, please contact us.

For the long-term financial sustainability for the MIA, we are actively exploring a Waqf project (long term endowment). One easy way to contribute to the Waqf is to list MIA as a beneficiary in your will. Contact us if you need more information about this opportunity.

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