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$220k were needed at time of video production. More donations have come in since then Alhamdulilah.

Project Need






Project Need

The Manitoba Islamic Association serves the community in many ways, one of which is the provision of funeral services. We arrange for washing, shrouding, transport, Janazah prayers and burials. We do not charge for our services and negotiate preferential prices from other service providers.

As our community grows, non-Muslim funeral homes are no longer able to provide the services we require, especially with the emphasis on performing Janazah’s and burials as soon as possible.

We need a space where we can honor the Muslim dead, fulfill their rights upon us and support their families.

The proposed facility is an extension of the mosque, giving families the comfort that their loved ones are prepared for Janazah in an environment that is Islamic, sensitive and supportive.


 Construction started in August 2019 and the goal was to complete by the end of the year. Unfortunately there was an 11-week delay due to Manitoba Hydro having to move the gas line and due to heavy rain.  The new anticipated completion is  March 2020.

The following work has been completed to date:

  • Excavation
  • Piles
  • Grade beams
  • Underground plumbing
  • Hydro new power line plan and approval
  • Gas meter re-location plan & approval
  • Structural Steel
  • Roof Deck

Supporter Recognition

We appreciate the investment of every supporter and donors and pray that God reward you all. The facility will feature a Donor Wall for the following levels:

Founder: $75,000

Champion: $50,000

Leader: $25,000

Provider: $15,000

Supporter: $10,000

Friend: $5,000


Roof and steel frame completed.


MIA mosques are closed to the public until further notice. Please follow our virtual programming on Youtube and Facebook.