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MIA Muslimas in the West (Girls)

“And say my Lord increase me in knowledge” -Holy Quran, Surah Taha, Verse 114.

The purpose of this halaqa is to mentor the young Muslim girls in Winnipeg, and help them understand their religion and how to live in western society while maintaining their deen. By teaching youth girls about Islam and helping them understand the reasoning behind many of the rulings in Islam, the hope is to clarify some of the controversial issues surrounding Islam in the west. Topics like women in Islam, modesty, interaction with those around us in an Islamic manner, and the view on certain topics through the Islamic lens along with talks on the miracles of the Quran (as related to modern science), and getting to know Allah through His 99 name will help grow belief and love for Islam in the girls.

We also be having activities like skits (with rewards for the best skit or winning teams) every once in a while to help the girls apply the knowledge they have learned in the past halaqas in a creative way. The girls are also expected to prepare reminders for the entire group, on any topic they deem important or relevant to their peers.

The goal of the reminders is to get them to think more about Islam, and learn how to research and find out information about their deen in a reliable way, and to share their findings with others. Also, we had an initiative run on Canada day meant to start a conversation with the larger Canadian community about the hijab.

Location: Waverley Mosque library
Time: Every second Sunday from 5:00 – 6:00 pm

For more info, please contact: yelsalakawy@gmail.com

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