MIA Executive Council message to the community

Dear brothers and sisters, members of the Muslim community in Manitoba:

On behalf of myself and the newly elected MIA Executive Council, I would like to thank you all for your support and encouragement. We are honored to have your trust and the opportunity to serve you in a formal executive capacity. We take this trust with great sense of responsibility. We are accountable first and foremost to Allah and next to each and every one of you.

Our executive team has an ambitious plan. Our priority is to restore harmony, peace and order in MIA. In addition, our priorities include establishing organizational policies that will enable us to run MIA in accordance to the highest professional standards and Islamic ethics. We will establish committees to help us in achieving our goal. We have taken steps to immediately establish 3 important committees. 

  • First, Internal Audit committee, made up of 3 professional accountants. The internal audit committee will have full access to all financial records and will monitor all financial transactions in MIA to ensure we get value for every cent we spend. 
  • The second committee is the Elders council made up of veteran members of this community who have actively served this community in various capacities. We will regularly seek their wise counsel and advice to ensure we benefit from their accumulated valuable experience. 
  • The third committee is the events committee. This committee will be in charge of organizing all MIA events; the aim of creating this committee is to create and establish value added activities and programs to serve the community better.
  • Further to this, we are in the process of reviving the Takaful committee and we plan to hire administrative assistant, to ensure administrative efficiency and ensure your receipts are mailed to you immediately, you membership forms processed instantly and all services to you provided promptly. 

Dear brothers and sisters:

Our success in achieving our objectives will depend on your support. We ask you to lend us your support by volunteering, donating and giving us constructive feedbacks.Our community is diverse. We come from various schools of thought, various ethnicities and cultures. We are, however, bounded by the fundamentals of Islam and its great ideals. We will strive to make MIA open to all of you regardless of your affiliations, your views and stances. Our aim is to make MIA an organization driven by policies and procedures rather than being driven by personal whims and biases.

To the leaders of the various organizations serving the local Muslim community we say: we value and appreciate the work that you do; you are the back bone of this community. We look forward to meeting you soon to strategize and to set plans on how to work together to serve the community better.

To those who are apprehensive of our election to MIA Executive Council, we assure you that you are valued members of MIA, you are our brothers and sisters and we are here to serve you. Regardless of the views you have towards this executive council, we will listen to your concerns and to your critiques of us; that will have no bearing on how you are served or treated in MIA.

Dear community members:
I would like to conclude with the Quranic verse “And say: ‘Act, for Allah will surely see your actions, and so will His Messenger and the believers”. We are rolling our sleeves to move forward in positive and constructive directions; the past with all its issues is behind us; our horizon is set to the future, we ask all of you to join us for a noble and great purpose. We ask Allah to bless our community with guidance, harmony and blessings.  

Ismael Mukhtar, MIA President